Drawing Pneumatic Services supplies general pneumatics. We provide a variety of industrial products including valves, cylinders, air services units, fittings and tubing.

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DPS - Drawing Pneumatic Services supplies a variety of industrial products for cooling, cleaning, blowoff, industrial housekeeping, coating, conveying and static elimination. Some of these industrial products include valves, cylinders, air services units, fittings and tubing.

We service businesses that require products in the below areas:

  • Optimization - we provide products that minimise compressed air use; detect wasteful leaks and noise.
  • Air wipes - blowoff, dry, clean and cool pipes, cable, extruded shapes and hoses.
  • Air Nozzles and Jets - Reduce Noise Levels and air costs on blowoff operations
  • Static Eliminators - Eliminate static electricity, dust and shock hazards
  • Air Operated conveyors - convey parts, materials, waste - with no moving parts
  • Vortex tubes and spot cooling - cold air for industrial spot cooling and problems
  • Cabinet coolers - cool and purge NEMA 12, 4 and 4x less noise and air consumption
  • Air knives - blowoff, clean, dry and cool with less noise and air consumption
  • Air amplifiers - vent, exhaust, cool, dry and clean - with no moving parts
  • Liquid nozzles - internal mix nozzles, multiple spray patterns
  • Safety air guns - safety air guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance
  • Vacuum generators - vacuums for lifting, clamping, mounting and placement
  • Industrial housekeeping - reliable vacuums for chip removal, liquid transfer and cleaning
  • Cold gun air-coolant systems - cool machining operations with clean, cold air.
  • And Accessories - mufflers, filters, regulators, valves, swivel fittings and more.


  • 1Fully independent pneumatic supplier to New Zealand industry

  • 235 years experience in New Zealand pneumatic's industry.

  • 3Personal service for your business

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