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Drawing Pneumatic Services Ltd, suppliers of general and specialised pneumatics. We provide a variety of industrial products including valves, cylinders, air services units, fittings and tubing.

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Quality Pneumatic Products

about our services

DPS - Drawing Pneumatic Services supplies a variety of industrial products for cooling, cleaning, blowoff, industrial housekeeping, coating, conveying and static elimination. Some of these industrial products include valves, cylinders, air services units, fittings and tubing.

We service businesses that require products in the below areas:

  • Optimization - we provide products that minimise compressed air use; detect wasteful leaks and noise.
  • Air wipes - blowoff, dry, clean and cool pipes, cable, extruded shapes and hoses.
  • Air Nozzles and Jets - Reduce Noise Levels and air costs on blowoff operations
  • Static Eliminators - Eliminate static electricity, dust and shock hazards
  • Air Operated conveyors - convey parts, materials, waste - with no moving parts
  • Vortex tubes and spot cooling - cold air for industrial spot cooling and problems
  • Cabinet coolers - cool and purge NEMA 12, 4 and 4x less noise and air consumption
  • Air knives - blowoff, clean, dry and cool with less noise and air consumption
  • Air amplifiers - vent, exhaust, cool, dry and clean - with no moving parts
  • Liquid nozzles - internal mix nozzles, multiple spray patterns
  • Safety air guns - safety air guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance
  • Vacuum generators - vacuums for lifting, clamping, mounting and placement
  • Industrial housekeeping - reliable vacuums for chip removal, liquid transfer and cleaning
  • Cold gun air-coolant systems - cool machining operations with clean, cold air.
  • And Accessories - mufflers, filters, regulators, valves, swivel fittings and more.


  • 1Fully independent pneumatic supplier to New Zealand industry

  • 2Over 40 years experience in New Zealand pneumatic's industry.

  • 3Personal service for your business


Large range of parts and fittings for all pneumatic applications - for any industry: Manufacturing, Engineers, Automatic & Forestry.

  • 1Pneumatic fittings

  • 2Pneumatic filters

  • 3Pneumatic lubricators

Our Products

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SKU Name
30900002 Valve Button 3/2 D4
30900002OC Open/Close Bus Door Valve
30900003 Valve Roller 3/2 D4
438-00-085 C32-50 Cylinder Magnetic
550-00-043 Lever Valve 3/2 1/8"BSP
978-01-659 450 Series1 & 2 Dia 63 R/K
978-01-660 450 Series D80 Repair Kit
AW2010SS Non Drip Spray Nozzle 13.2l/hr
AW2020SS Non Drip Spray Nozzle 32.2l/hr
BDRK63-438 Series Bus Door Repair Kit Jouco
BDRK63-450 Series (97802346) Bus Door Repair Kit
BDRK63-China Bus Door Cyl Repair Kit D63
BDRK63-Circlair C63 Cylinder repair Kit
BDRK63-Peters Bus Door Ram Repair Kit D63
BDRK63-SMC Cylinder Repair Kit
BDRK80-450Series(97801660) 450 Series Cyl Repair Kit
BDV1 Bus Door Valve
BDV1-1 Bus Door valve single solenoid
BDV1-2 Bus Door Vlv 2xSolenoid24Vdc
BDV2 Bus Door Valves 2 Door 2 Entry
BP1009SS Adjustable Nozzle 1/8BSP
BP1010SS Micro Air Nozzle
BP1100 1/4"BSP Air Nozzle
BP110003 Super Air Knife 3" Aluminium
BP110003SS Super Air Knife 3" S/Steel
BP110006 Super Air Knife 6" Aluminium
BP110006SS Super Air Knife 6" S/Steel
BP110009 Super Air Knife 9" Aluminium
BP110009SS Super Air Knife 9" S/Steel
BP110012 Super Air Knife 12" Aluminium
BP110018SS 18" S/S Super Air Knife
BP110030 30" Super Air Knife Aluminium
BP110036 36" Super Air Knife Aluminium
BP1101SS Super Air Nozzle
BP1102 1/8"BSP Air Nozzle
BP1103 1/8"BSP Super Air Nozzle
BP1103SS 1/8"BSP Super Air Nozzle
BP1104 3/8"BSP Air Nozzle
BP1105SS 3/8"BSP S/S Air Nozzle
BP1107 1/2"BSP Nozzle (Male)
BP1109SS Piko Super Air Nozzle
BP1110SS M6 Nano Air Nozzle
BP1114SS 1" BSP Air Nozzle 316 S/S
BP1122 2" Flat Nozzle
BP1125SS 2" Flat Nozzle S/Steel
BP1126SS 1" Flat Nozzle S/Steel
BP120022 2" Super Air Amplifier
BP1210 Duster Gun AOSH
BP1210-12 Duster Gun AOSH 12" Extension
BP1214-3 Super Blast 3/4"BSP Air Gun
BP1215-3 Super Blast 1"BSP Air Gun
BP1216-3 Super Blast 1 1/4"BSP Air Gun
BP1218-3 Super Blast 1 1/4"BSP Air Gun
BP1280SS Air Gun
BP130075 3/4" Line Vac
BP1310-36 Heavy Duty Air Gun 36"Ext
BP1350-36 Heavy Duty Air Gun 36"Ext
BP1360SS-48 Heavy Duty Air Gun 48" Ext
BP1409SS Duster Gun Pico
BP141038 3/8"BSP Line Vac S/S
BP1410SS Duster Gun Nano
BP150125 Heavy Duty Line Vac 1.25"
BP150200 Heavy Duty Line Vac 2"
BP151200 Threaded Line Vac HD 2"BSP
BP2003SS Standard Air Knife 3" S/Steel
BP2402 2" Super Air Wipe
BP3225 Vortex Tube
BP3408 Vortex Tube
BP4208J Cabinet Cooler 8CFM
BP4215J Cabinet Cooler 15CFM
BP4225J Cabinet Cooler 25CFM
BP4275J Cabinet Cooler 4X 1700BTU
BP4630SS-316 Cabinet Cooler
BP4708SSJ Cabinet Cooler 4X
BP4725SSJ Cabinet Cooler 4X 1700BTU
BP4740SSJ Cabinet Cooler
BP5215J Cold Air Gun
BP6030 Air Amplifier D3/4" S/Steel
BP6059 Line Vac 1/2" S/Steel
BP6061-316 1" S/S Line Vac
BP6063 Line Vac 1.5" S/Steel
BP6064-316 2" Stainless Steel Line Vac
BP6084 Heavy Duty Line Vac 2"
BP6085 Heavy Duty Line Vac 2.5"
BP6087 Line Vac 4" Aluminium
BP6092 Vac-U-Gun Exair
BP6196 Reversible Drum Vac
BP6198 Chip Trapper
BP6392 VacUgun All Purpose System
BP7192 Ion Air Cannon
BP8293 Ion Air Gun
BPSF2010SS Non Drip Spray Nozzle
BUC20-0606 Ball Valve Dia 6
BUC20-0808 Ball Valve Dia 8
BUC60-1010 Ball Valve Dia 10
BUC60-1212 Ball Valve Dia 12
D4B PU Tubing 4mm Black
D4BL PU Tubing Dia 4mm Blue
D6BL PU Tubing Dia 6mm Blue
D6Y PU Tubing Dia 6mm Yellow
D8BL PU Tubing Dia 8mm Blue
D8Y PU Tubing Dia 8 Yellow
DSNU32-50PAESA Festo Door Lock Cylinder
Exair 110309 Exair Shim Kit 9" Aly
Exair 4907 Cabinet Cooler Side Mount
Exair 4907-316 Cabinet Cooler Side Mount S/S
Exair 4910 Cabinet Cooler Side Mount
Exair 6197 Heavy Duty Drum Vac
Exair 6804 Chip Vac Replacement Bag
Exair 7024 Ionising Bar 24"
Exair 7048 Ionising Bar 48"
Exair 7907 Power Supply (2) 240Vac
Exair 800001 Vacuum Generator 1 cfm
Exair 800003 Vacuum Generator 3cfm
Exair 9017/4555 Thermostat 24-240V/Bracket/Nut
Exair 9052 1/8" Swivel Fitting
Exair 9061 Leak Detector
Exair9091-M3 Flow Meter 3/4" Pipe
FT410-S Foot Valve 5/2 1/4"BSP SR
FT520D Foot Valve 5/2 3/8"BSP FF
GPH06-03 Banjo Elbow D6-3/8 BSP
HLV320D 5/2Lever Detented Valve 1/8"BS
HLV330-S Lever 5/3 CS 1/8"BSP
HLV420D 5/2 Lever Detented Valve 1/4"
HLV430-S 5/3 Lever 1/4"BSP ccs
HLV520D 5/2 Lever Detented Valve 3/8"
HP1330 Heavy Duty Air Gun 2" Nozzle
JSC4-01 Flow Control Dia4 1/8"BSP
JSC4-M5 Flow Control Dia4 M5
JSC6-01 Flow Control Dia6 1/8"BSP
JSC6-02 Flow Control Dia6 1/4"BSP
JSC6-03 Flow Control D6-3/8"BSP
JSC8-01 Flow Control Dia8 1/8"BSP
JSC8-02 Flow Control Dia8 1/4"BSP
KMV310-D Push/Pull 5/2, 1/8BSP Valve
KMV310-S Push/Spring Return 5/2 1/8"BSP
KMV360DP Push/pull Valve 1/8"bsp 3/2
KMV460-D Push/Pull 1/4BSP 3/2 Valve
Labour Labour
MJV-3 Clippard Valve 3/2 1/8bsp
NOT NOT Element
NRV44 Non Return Valve Dia 4
PAT4-01 (2) 4 Way Dia4 1/8"BSP Elbow
PAW06-02 4 Way D6-1/4"BSP Elbow
PAX4-01 2 Way Dia4 1/8"BSP Elbow
PAX6-02 2 Way Dia6 1/4"BSP Elbow
PB06-M5 Tee D6-M5
PC04-01C Straight D4-1/8"BSP
PC04-02 Straight D4-1/4"BSP
PC06-01C Straight D6-1/8"BSP
PC06-02 Straight D6-1/4"BSP
PC06-03 Straight D6-3/8"BSP
PC06-G02 Straight O Ring D6-1/4BSPP
PC06-M6 Straight D6-M6
PC08-01 Straight D8-1/8"BSP
PC08-02 Staright D8-1/4"BSP
PC10-02 Straight D10-1/4"BSP
PC10-03 Straight D10-3/8"BSP
PC10-04 Straight D10-1/2"BSP
PC12-02 Straight Dia 12-1/4"BSP
PC12-03 Straight D12-3/8"BSP
PC3/16-01 Staright D3/16"-1/8"BSP
PHT4-01 3 Way Dia4 1/8"BSP Elbow
PL04-01C Elbow D4-1/8BSP
PL04-02 Elbow D4 1/4"BSP
PL06-01C Elbow D6-1/8BSP
PL06-02 Elbow D6-1/4"BSP
PL06-G01 Elbow D6 1/8"BSP Parallel
PL06-M6C Elbow D6-M6
PL08-01 Elbow D8-1/8"BSP
PL08-02 Elbow D8-1/4"BSP
PL10-02 Elbow D10-1/4"BSP
PL10-03 Elbow D10-3/8"BSP
PL10-04 Elbow D10-1/2"BSP
PL12-02 Elbow D12-1/4"BSP
PL12-03 Elbow D12-3/8"BSP
PL12-04 Elbow D12-1/2"BSP
PL3/16-01 Elbow D3/16" 1/8"BSP
PP06 Plug D6
PPF04 D4 End Cap
PPF06 D6 End Cap
PPF08 D8 End Cap
PPF10 D10 End Cap
PPF12 D12 End Cap
PUC0400 Connector D4
PUC0600 Connector D6
PUC0800 Connector D8
PUC1000 Connector D10
PUC1200 Connector D12
PUL0400 Elbow D4
PUL0600 Elbow D6
PUL0800 Elbow D8
PUT0400 Dia 4 Tee
PUT0600 Dia 6 Tee
PUT0800 Dia 8 Tee
PUT1000 Dia 10 Tee
PUT1200 Dia 12 Tee
PY0400 Y D4
PY0600 Y D6
PY0800 Y D8
PY1000 Y D10
PY1200 Y D12
SAF2000-02M 1/4"BSP Filter
SAF3000-03M 3/8"BSP Filter
SAF4000-04M 1/2"BSP Filter
SAL2000-02M 1/4"BSP Lubricator
SAL3000-03M 3/8"BSP Lubricator
SAL4000-04M 1/2"BSP Lubricator
SAR2000M-02BG 1/4"BSP Regulator
SAR3000M-03BG 3/8"BSP Regulator
SAR4000-04MBG 1/2"BSP Regulator
SAU2010-02BG 1/4"BSP Filter/Reg/Lub
SAU3010-03BG 3/8"BSP Filter/Reg/Lub
SAU4010-04MDG 1/2"BSP Filter/Reg/Lub
SAW2000M-02MB 1/4"BSP Filter/Regulator
SAW3000M-03MB 3/8"BSP Filter/Regulator
SAW4000M-04BG 1/2"BSP Filter/Regulator
SCE238 1/2"BSP Solenoid Valve
SCE311D-F5-P-SC1-CD1-A2 Solenoid Vlv 1/8" 5/2 220Vac
SCE411D-F5-P-SC1-CD1-A2 Solenoid Vlv 1/4" 5/2 220Vac
SCF0600 D6 In Line Flow Control
SCF0800 D8 In Line Flow Control
SF4101-IP-SC2-CD2-A2 1/4"BSP 5/2 Solenoid Valve
SF4601-1P-CD-A2 Solenoid Valve 3/2 1/4"BSP
SFP2603 Pilot Valve 3/2 1/8"BSP
SFP4101 5/2 Pilot/Spring 1/4"BSP Valve
SFP4601 Pilot Valve 3/2 1/4"BSP
SIB21S Sub Base 1/4"BSP
SIB31-DB-M06 Sub Base 311 Series 6 Station
SIE311-IP-SC2-CD2-A2 5/2 Sol Valve 220Vac
SIP220 Pilot Valve (Bus Door)
SIP220SB Valve 5/2 1/4"BSP P/P
SKP40-10-01 1/8"BSP Gauge 0-10
SKP50-10-02 1/4"BSP Gauge 0-10
STB-R01 Silencer 1/8"BSP
STB-R02 Silencer 1/4"BSP
SV1 (VR1210-01) 1/8"BSP Shuttle Valve
TCN Tube Cutter
VFE2 Filter Element
VFU2-66P Vacuum Filter 6mm
VP2RE Vacuum Cup Dia2mm Anti Static
VP40BN Dia 40mm Vacuum Pad
VPZ-2 Pincette Nozzle
VTB-W-2RE Pincette
VUH07-66A Vacumm Generator 6mm
YMV410-SL-B-3 Twist Valve 1/4"BSP 3/2
YSV311-DP-SC2-CD2-D4 Solenoid Valve 24Vdc 3/2, 1/8
Pneumatic Air Filter & Lubricator
Pneumatic Air Filter & Lubricator
Pneumatic Fittings
Pneumatic Fittings
Pneumatic Fittings

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